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We are a WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR IN CANADA store a wide variety of Rolling Papers, ranging from different Brands to Sizes and Types. Rolling papers are thin papers mainly used for smoking tobacco or other legal herbs. Rolling Papers were first manufactured in Spain before they became popular across the globe. One of the most preferred smoking methods. We are distributor stocks a variety of sizes of rolling papers, making it enjoyable for every smoker and their preferences. Rolling Papers are mainly measured by its length and width, meaning larger papers make it easier for smokers to smoke a bigger quantity of her at one go. The types are:

Single Wide: These are the smallest papers available usually being 68mm long and 34mm wide. Mainly come along with the tobacco pouches and are rolled without using filters.

One and a Quarter: Bestselling size we carry being 76mm long and 45mm wide. These are the most popular amongst the smoker’s community since these are not too big and neither too small.

One and a Half: These even stocks the size one and a half which mainly is 76mm long and 60mm wide. These rolling papers are mainly for smokers who are looking at a larger roll as it fits 50 percent more herbs that a single wide.

Double Wide: The tallest paper that us, stocks as distributors is Double wide, being 76mm long and 88mm wide.

King Size: This is the biggest standard sized paper that it. stocks, having a length of 100mm and a width of 55mm. These rolling papers fit a huge quantity of legal herbs and are perfect to share with a few friends.

Rolls: Rolls are 16.4 feet long and 60 inches wide, making it a big roll.

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Wholesale Rolling Papers

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