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If you are adventurous and enthusiastic enough, hunting knives from the BIGGEST DISTRIBUTORS OF HUNTING KNIVES IN CANADA is a perfect choice for you. Here at Maple Craft Inc., we present a never seen before range of hunting knives to you. We have a range of throw knife kits, which is a perfect survival kit to be taken, and some adventure trekking and hiking. Our collection includes the best defense silver knife, premier edge rescue knife, snake eye tactical outdoor rescue knife, woodsman bowie rescue knife, karambit neck curly black hunting knife, etc is invaluable for a wide range of applications.
We also have a metal engraved sheath boot and rite edge hunting knife. These camping knives are made from the finest stainless steel and coated for corrosion resistance. The grip design on the axes is made of non-slipping rubber to provide more comfort in handling. These camping knives straightway from the leading distributors of silver gator Bowie hunting knives in Canada come with a sheath which is composed of all the articles and makes them comfortable to be carried. Our sharp premier edge hunting knife with a firm rubber grip is a perfect utility tool that allows you to cut down small bushes, logs, sticks, and branches during your trip for burning and making boats as well. The best defense silver knife is a perfect tool for self-defense and, at times, an epic form of fire starter, even at times when it is hard to light up the fire. Being the largest wholesaler of Baton and knives, we have hunting accessories that come with strong grip handles, making it a perfect choice on any trip to navigate you when it’s dark all around. So, get your favorite one today by visiting our wholesale store or headshop in Canada.

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Wholesale Hunting Knife

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Skinner Hunting Knife Set of 5
Made in Canada
SKU: 211229

Made in Canada
SKU: 202989-MC

Watchfire Campers Hatchet Knife 11 Inches
Made in Canada
SKU: 211375-HT

Black Widow Bowie Hunting Knife 14 Inches
Made in Canada
SKU: 210451

Premier Edge Rescue Knife 15 Inches
Made in Canada
SKU: 211515-SL

Premier Edge Rescue Knife 15 Inches
Made in Canada
SKU: 211514-DG

Karambit Neck Curly Black Hunting Knife
Made in Canada
SKU: 211431-BK

Karambit Neck Curly Rainbow Hunting Knife
Made in Canada
SKU: 211431-RB