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How would it be if you could have great equipment to collect the resin glands from the flowers? As we are the MANUFACTURER OF SIFTER BOX, so our products keep on managing and growing with the latest trends. Maple Craft Inc. is popular because they are the CANADIAN WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR FOR SIFTER BOX.  We know and understand the purpose of a quality Sifter Box and hence ensure to provide great and premium quality.
These boxes are used to collect the resin glands from cannabis flowers, known as kief. The box is also known by other names like pollen sifter, kief tumbler, etc. It consists of two chambers. The weed flower is placed on the top part, and the kief is collected at the bottom part after passing through a sieve attached to the latter. After placing the flower, the user has to close the box, shake it, and separate the lower portion. Maple Craft Inc. is a wholesale distributor, and hence our Sifter boxes are heavily in demand. Once the whole process is done then after that, one can either use a brush to scrape the particles out or overturn the chamber to obtain the kief.
If you need a modest container like our Sifter boxes to have that perfect blend of resin collection, then you find us as the wholesaler in Canada. You shall not look any further as a Sifter Box manufacturer we have worked on the locking technology is amazing and it is perfectly designed from quality material. We deal in various quantities as per the emerging demand of the products.
As the various sizes are important for a perfect supply and collection, hence we have accomplished the Canada wide supplier and even touched many other countries for complete leadership.

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Wholesale Sifter Box

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Buddies Pollen Press Assorted Colours
Made in Canada
SKU: KY-400
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Assorted Shaker Pollen Sifter Box
Made in Canada
SKU: HAS-001

Big Pollen Press Cylindrical Presser
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