Process to Get Started



  • • Right now we are collaborated with Shopify and are working on developing programs for other platforms
  • • To begin with send us (Maple Craft Inc.), your Drop Shipping request Here
  • • Within 2-3 Business days we shall review your request
  • • Once we accept your request, a code shall be emailed to You from our end
  • • The code would enable You to sync products from Maple Craft Inc., to Your online store
  • • For the same to function smoothly, You would have to download and install the required plug-in (SyncLogic) from Shopify app store to your Online store
  • • To make the process of installation simpler, We shall email you a step by step installation guide
  • • The moment the code is synced, all products under the drop shipping tab, including photos shall be transferred to Your online store. This might take some time before it completes the process
  • • The app is powered to sync Real Time Inventory from Maple Craft Inc., making it worry free for You
  • • Get Started Today!! Choose Products, Upload them on Your Online Store & Sell


Drop Shipping Fee Structure

  • • Maple Craft Inc., would charge 30% on top of the wholesale price currently listed
  • • This shall cover all damaged products and packages lost in transit
  • • All shipping material, shall be provided by Maple Craft Inc.
  • • The shipping cost for delivering the order shall be as per actuals and separate to the Drop Shipping Fees
  • • The drop shipping fees shall be applied manually on to your invoice