Maple Craft Inc., being importers and DISTRIBUTORS OF SMOKING ACCESSORIES, DISTRIBUTES VAPORIZERS CANADA wide. Vaporizers have been around since 1960’s in various formats and are also known as E-Cigarettes. Vaping is a common term used for the use of vaporizers, which simple is the process of applying heat to a liquid which creates vapor. The same vapor in turn provides a nicotine hit to the smoker. The Liquid or commonly know as E-Liquids are a combination of propylene glycol, artificial flavors and nicotine in various strengths.

Vaporizers are not only made for tobacco smokers but have also evolved for smokers smoking legal cannabis. They are popularly known as Vape Pens. The pens either cook the herbs in a chamber at a temperature that wont combust the plant matter but will release THC or use oil derivative of legal herbs.
Vaporizers are popular since they are less harmful then smoking cigarettes. More importantly they are highly convenient and portable. The various steps in order to roll cigarettes are avoided using either an E-Cigarette or Vape Pens.

The E-Cigs consists of a power source, some coils that heat and vaporize the juice and an LED light at the tip for your ease. Mods are also a form of E-cigarettes, however, they compose of batteries and at times hand made coils for optimum performance. Similarly, Vape Pens are made generally of brushed metal that have a retracting mouth piece and three temperature control settings. The chamber is filled with dry herbs, post which the system heats up the pot and vaporizes the legal Cannabinoids. Once the Pen shows a green light, you are ok to puff away.

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