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We're an IMPORTANT AND DISTRIBUTORS of various Synthetic Urines across Canada, for legal use. Synthetic Urine is fake urine that is used to beat or pass a drug test. The artificial urine is manufactured to resemble human urine that is clean and has no trace of drugs. They are manufactured to contain adequate levels of creatine, uric acid, urea, and nitrates and also be at the optimal pH level to ensure that it mimics real human urine. Buy wholesale synthetic urine kits and buy wholesale High Voltage urine kits wholesale priced from your trustable supplier in Canada. 

TThe world's best online smoke shop for high-quality smoking accessories, detox drinks, and synthetic urine. We keep a variety of synthetic urine with us like High Voltage XStream and Golden Flask High voltage XStream synthetic urine is a blend of proper creatine levels, balanced pH levels, specific gravity, and other components that closely resemble human body urine. XStream is unisex and is compatible with both Males and Females. The Kit includes 30oz Solution, Temperature Strip, Heat Pad & rubber band, Head Induction Cap, and Flip Stream cap.

The Golden Flask is a one-time use flask with synthetic urine. Is our most fundamental package and the perfect to use. The Golden Flask comes with over 4oz of premixed artificial urine. Our urine consists of ingredients inclusive of Uric Acid and Creatine which may be discovered in herbal urine. Further, it is balanced for specific gravity, PH, and smells. Furthermore, the flask can be saved for 12 months in its fluid shape! (Please study similarly to look at the recommendations on the way to preserve it). The flask is ideal for wearing around fitting on maximum pockets and luggage. In addition, the flask comes with one natural heat pad, a temperature strip, and a fixed of instructions. Keep shopping and check out our latest updates on our wholesale smoke store of smoking products.

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Wholesale Synthetic Urine

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