It's a large variety of different kinds of WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS OF SILICONE PRODUCTS. Silicone can withstand stress and temperature extremities which is why it is growing in popularity. It is a durable substance and is very resistant to damage if taken care of correctly. It's a massive selection of silicone bongs. Our silicone bongs come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes; some even look like artistic pieces that you can’t even tell are bongs themselves!

We also have silicone dab rigs available here. The silicone dab rigs available in our stock contain the most fresh, latest, affordable, high-quality dab rigs products. Silicone’s non-stick property has made it more popular among smokers. These silicone pipes are available in vibrant colors and designs from pop culture. These pipes have funky looks that young people of legal age love. 

Silicone rolling trays are hidden gems amongst the treasures.  You can find top brands of silicone trays on Maple Craft Inc., a certified supplier of smoking products with Canadian roots. Silicone containers are cool and fashion cases made up of silicone. We're a Canadian smoking accessories wholesaler that carries a wide range of silicone containers. These silicone containers are used by smokers because they are of the highest quality.

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