Cannatonik Grinders

Our top-selling items include the WHOLESALE CANNATONIK GRINDERS IN CANADA. These grinders come in different sizes and colors, giving everyone plenty of choices. They have a stylish and elegant exterior design. You can find them in sizes of 32mm, 42mm, 50mm, 56mm, and 63mm. Some of our latest grinders include the drawing nickel aluminum grinder, green bronze aluminum grinder, and red bronze aluminum grinder. Buy  grinders in large quantities today! The grinders we have at Maple Craft Inc. are really, really good. We have many different brands that your customers will really like, so they can pick from a lot of options.
The amazing performance of this Grinder comes from its super sharp teeth, designed just right to give you a perfect grind. Whether you're a pro or new to this, these sharp teeth make sure your herbs are ground evenly and finely. The magnetic lid on this grinder is no ordinary thing – it's a total game-changer. Its powerful magnet keeps your herbs firmly in place, so you won't accidentally spill them. If you need help or have any questions, you can reach out to us by email, through live chat, or by calling us. We're here to assist you as your supplier for smoking products in Canada. Whether you need wholesale oil rigs, grinders, pipes, or any other smoking accessories.

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Wholesale Cannatonik Grinders

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Cannatonik Two Stage 55mm Aluminum Grinders Deal of 20
Made in Canada