Stone Statue

As a WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR IN CANADA, we're your top spot for stunning stone statues reflecting Indian royal culture. Our collection features various hand-crafted stone animal shapes, all meticulously made by our skilled artisans to be true masterpieces of craftsmanship.

Check out our collection with a variety of stone statues, from majestic elephants to graceful peacocks, representing India's rich heritage and traditions. Each item in our inventory is carefully crafted, paying close attention to detail, to capture the beauty and elegance of Indian artistry. We know how vital it is to honor and cherish cultural heritage. That's why our stone statues are more than just decorations; they're timeless artworks that honor Indian royal culture. Whether they're showcased in a garden, home, or office, our statues stand as a tribute to India's rich history and craftsmanship.

Our skilled artisans use ancient methods to craft our statues, using the best quality stones. This creates visually striking and long-lasting pieces. Every statue is made with precision and care, so it stays beautiful for many years. As a wholesale distributor, we promise to offer top-notch stone statues at great prices. Whether you're a retailer wanting unique items for your store or an interior designer sprucing up a client's space, Maple Crafft Inc. has just the right statue for you.

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Wholesale Stone Statue

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Unique Star Stone Incense Holder
Made in Canada
SKU: I020

Teardrop Premium stone Oil Burner
Made in Canada
SKU: I-71

Hexagonal Abstract Cuts Stone Oil Burner
Made in Canada
SKU: I-53

Small Soaptone Dual Oil Burner
Made in Canada
SKU: I-15

Hand Crafted Small Mesh Frog Stone Statue
Made in Canada
SKU: I-63

Hand Crafted Mesh Small Swan Stone Statue
Made in Canada
SKU: I-68

Hand Crafted Small Mesh Elephant Stone Statue
Made in Canada
SKU: I-114

Vintage Stone Star Carvin Jewelry Box
Made in Canada
SKU: I-99

Three Elephant Stone Incense Holder
Made in Canada
SKU: I014