Maple Craft Inc. is one of the leading WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR OF PIPES IN CANADA, made from various materials, shapes and sizes to suit your personal needs. Pipes are hand held devices mainly made to smoke tobacco or legal dry herbs. They mainly comprise of a chamber known as the bowl used to fill it up with your legal product which is connected to a thin hollow stem called shank, ending with a mouth piece or bit.

Pipe smoking is the oldest known traditional form of smoking tobacco or legal product. Pipes are made of various materials like Wood, Glass, Silicon, Stone, Metal, Acrylic and Ceramic. However, the most popular ones are Glass and Wood. We are one of the biggest importer and supplier of Pipes across Canada, carrying all types of Pipes for your needs.

Pipes often look awesome! Weather the class wood pipes or the attractive Glass ones, they all look super amazing. Buying pipes is also more affordable than buying water pipes or bongs. They vary from the cheapest ones to a little more expensive fancy one depending on the material its made from. Pipes are highly portable and can be carried anywhere as they are small, taking up no space. They easily fit into your pocket or slip the case in your back pack.

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