Why Do We Collect Information From You?

There are several reasons that we collect information from you. We take your feedback into careful consideration as we improve on our services. During the registration process, you provide us with your store name, address, email, and phone number. Despite this, you can still visit our site anonymously at any time!


Your information is used to give you a personalized experience and allows us to deliver you the content and product offerings that serve your interests best. We strive to serve our customer’s in the best way possible by answering all inquiries and processing transactions quickly.


We send out emails of our latest offers, new arrivals, and newsletter to those who register a wholesale account with us so they can see our latest promotions. You can opt-out of the mailing list at any point in time and choose whether you would like to receive our communications. Our clients are offered options where they can modify their shared information.


We use “cookies” to collect information of the visitor so we can enhance their experience in the future. Cookies help the website keep track of the items you are interested in so we can manage your preferences and improve our services to help you better.


Your information is not provided to any third-party sites.


By using our site, you consent to our privacy policy.