Generic Grinders

We are one of the largest Wholesalers of High Quality Grinders across Canada, giving you the finest legal smoking product. Maple Craft stocks WHOLESALE GENERIC GRINDERS SUPPLIER of various sizes mainly being 32mm, 42mm, 50mm, 56mm and 63mm and stages mainly being one stage, two stage, three stage and four stage. Our wholesale generic grinders ans wholesale general grinders are the best inn the market so buy grinders wholesale in bulk today!

Gone are the days when you have to burn the full bud or break it with your fingers. Grinders make it easier for you to grind your legal precious flowers giving you a smoother smoke, making it economical as reduces wastage and makes rolling easy. Grinders at Maple Craft come in a wide variety of materials, shapes, Sizes and Colors all of which extend a great value. Grinders help you to get the most out of their precious flowers. The bottom layer has a screen attached which sifts the flower and allows only fine particles to drop through, giving you the best left-over product.

Buy wholesale grinders in bulk and buy wholesale bongs from Maple Craft, your grinder wholesale distributor in Canada. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us through email, over live chat, or on the phone. We are here to serve you as your smoking products supplier in Canada. We got you covered from wholesale oil rigs to grinders and wholesale pipes and all other smoking accessories. We are your wholesale grinder distributor in Canada and your wholesale grinder supplier in Canada.

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Wholesale Generic Grinders

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Card Grinder
Made in Canada
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DeadPool Grinder
Made in Canada
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Made in Canada
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