Innovation is essential when it comes to vaping, and Tapepods has once again raised the bar with its Tapepods 10000 Puffs Disposable Vape. This vape pen, with its sleek, retro tape-inspired design, not only packs a massive 10,000 puffs but also has a Smart Screen for a fully contemporary vaping experience.

The distinctive vintage tape-style appearance of this disposable vaporizer is one of its most notable attributes. It's a fashion statement as much as a vaping gadget. But that's just the beginning. The Smart Screen, which shows both liquid and battery levels, is the true show-stopper.With normal and boost modes, the Tapepods 10000 Puffs not only provide style and convenience, but they also provide you control over your vaping experience. This vape will satisfy your preference for a smooth hit or a powerful flavor burst. Additionally, every inhalation will yield rich, fulfilling tastes because to the twin mesh coil technology. Additionally, the Type-C fast charging connector makes sure you can quickly resume using your device when it needs to be recharged.
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