As a WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR OF SMOKING BUBBLERS, we offer a wide variety of bubblers in different materials like glass, silicone, mini, and medium varieties. Our bubblers are perfect for any smoker who wants to enjoy a smooth, cool smoking experience. They are made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, and we're proud to offer them at the lowest prices possible. If you're looking for a SMOKING BUBBLER WHOLERSALER IN CANADA, look no further than our company!

Maple Craft Inc. carries a wide selection of Bubblers in different styles and colors. All of our Bubblers are manufactured using thick, high-grade scientific glass or high-grade silicone. It combines the comfort of a handheld glass pipe, performing the function of a larger glass water pipe. It provides the compactness of a hand pipe along with the water filtration function of a water pipe. They are also known as oil rigs and mini bongs. When you take a drag the smoke travels down the tube in the water, producing smoke-infused bubbles which further produce a much cooler and smoother hit, packed with flavor. Bubblers offer a mix-and-match possibility to enhance your smoking experience.

You can use them along with concentrate nails, bowls, and other accessories.  They can even be transformed and used as an oil rig by adding a vapor dome and nail or domeless nail. We provide a huge selection of bubblers for your use. Whether beginners looking to buy their first bubbler to glass collectors looking for a unique bubbler to add to their collection.

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