products are selling well -Verified Purchase

Things are going well here and products are selling well. Because of the fast turnover time, Maple Craft has become our #1 accessories wholesaler! Thanks Darby

- Jim******

definitely recommend -Verified Purchase

I would definitely recommend them based on the work they did for us...

- Ure******

Website is great -Verified Purchase

WOW, this website is great. Super nice and helpful staff. Welcoming and always willing to support.

- Bri******

Keep it up!! -Verified Purchase

Hi! I just want to say that I find your product to be amazing. Thanks so much for providing such great products here, and keep it up!

- Cni******

favorite buys -Verified Purchase

I bought quiz disposable vapes as I want to launch something new in my store. This is one of my favorite buys of the season and will definitely be coming back for more purchases.

- Yel******

Variety of flavors in disposable vapes -Verified Purchase

Maple Craft is the absolute best without any doubt. The quality of the product is very good and is also very affordable in light of the many. It's a second time we have ordered disposable vapes - as it is nice to have a variety of flavors. We are excited for more healthy products to come! :)

- Gba******

fast and efficient -Verified Purchase

I have placed three orders so far and the service each time has been excellent and the delivery was fast and efficient. Well done and Thankyou!

- Ler******

True professionals -Verified Purchase

They are true professionals. Always involved in each and every phase of buying a product. Their commitment to delivering products on time, I respect.

- Beb******

well worth the money -Verified Purchase

I bought a few accessories from here recently. The quality is remarkable. It's well worth the money.

- Pun******

Good as expected -Verified Purchase

All the staff I encountered were empathetic and friendly. Wait times were reasonably pretty much what you'd expected with any company.

- Gme******

Very friendly staff -Verified Purchase

Very friendly staff and really wanted to make my experience a good one.

- Red******

Good solution -Verified Purchase

A good solution for all the smoking accessories needs, happy to be this website user.

- Gal******

Great group -Verified Purchase

Great group here. They listen and help through every step, I can email them anytime and get a response.

- Ger******

Good eye care -Verified Purchase

We often don't take the time to appreciate what a difference great customer service makes. This is the place to find out! I was impressed with the great range and the care taken by all the team to advise on the right frame. Good eye care by very nice people.

- Nie******

Big Thumps up -Verified Purchase

This was the first time I ordered something from them, the communication is great and the seller did just as requested, was very professional and kind, cooperative, and delivered a full detailed report. We have already placed another order and looking forward to working with them again and again! Thank you! Big Thumps up!

- Inc******

best selection -Verified Purchase

Absolutely the best selection in the area! I always recommend this website to everyone.

- Man******

super professional -Verified Purchase

Absolutely top rate, everyone at Maple Craft is super professional. We have been getting services for almost a year now and they help our company grew a lot. Customer service is great and they have a very quick response. Thank you for all the services and looking forward to a great future together.

- Dif******

Give the 5 stars out of 5 -Verified Purchase

I am so pleased with the service! They were prompt, thorough, efficient, - and very reasonable! I give the 5 stars out of 5.

- Gre******

simple-to-use -Verified Purchase

The excellent, simple-to-use website allowed me to easily choose a suitable bunch of products for my store at a very reasonable price which I could easily order.

- Nen******

absolutely the best -Verified Purchase

I've been a customer ever since I opened my store and they have the absolute best products... best prices... and the best customer service.

- Sic******

Never fail to deliver -Verified Purchase

They never fail to deliver!

- Ria******

fix my issue -Verified Purchase

I was ordering something one day and was not able to update my card information, so called them immediately but it was Sunday, that's why could get a hold of them. They called me up on the very next and fix my issue. These guys are super quick and that's what a customer needs. Great job guys!

- Hic******

Extremely happy with the service -Verified Purchase

The staff is so amazing here! I can trust what they say. The prices are very fair! The staff seems to care and take an interest in what is happening. The staff takes his time answering my questions and never makes me feel rushed.

- Cin******

Deserves the highest praise -Verified Purchase

This website officially deserves the highest praise for the range it carries. For those looking to snap up some good products, this is the place definitely you need to explore.

- Kuc******

Definitely buy from them -Verified Purchase

The staff did a great job! The price was also the best I found around! Definitely buy from them

- Jil******

Reliable and prompt in their service -Verified Purchase

They have always taken care of their customers. Be it buying items or sending my packages with dedication and care. They are always reliable and prompt in their service.

- Sik******

very responsive -Verified Purchase

Excellent service, very responsive and great quality!

- Boi******

Great no pros at all -Verified Purchase

Great no pros at all..

- Air******

Good in terms of design and quality both -Verified Purchase

I ordered dab rigs a month ago. I was looking for something for a product that must be good in terms of design and quality both. These are perfect.

- Lit******

undoubtedly amazing -Verified Purchase

They are undoubtedly amazing!! I want to add some new products to my store before it opens up. I placed an order 3-4 days before opening, I know it was tough to receive an order in such a short time period but they made this thing possible. I told them the urgency and they shipped my order the very next day I placed an order and it reach me in time. I really appreciate the efforts they put in and thank you so much !!!!

- Hen******

Anyone could be stopped -Verified Purchase

Anyone could be stopped in after seeing the variety of options in one place. Love it!

- Men******

Love the entire stuff -Verified Purchase

Love the entire stuff!!!!!!

- Vep******

Experience was great -Verified Purchase

The experience was great!!

- Pli******

splendid experience -Verified Purchase

Very efficient and seamless purchase of accessories. Bit of a delay receiving the order but overall a splendid experience with this company.

- Upm******

A wonderful experience was all the help -Verified Purchase

A wonderful experience was all the help I got from the team. A very sophisticated and helpful experience.

- Giv******

Didn't Disappoint me -Verified Purchase

It's really hard to find the right quality product at the right price. One of my friends recommends Maple craft, as he usually buys products from them for his store. As suggested, I checked the website and decided to buy some stuff and expectedly they didn't disappoint me, I was really happy with the service and products too.

- Con******

Unbeatable -Verified Purchase

Good quality and service was unbeatable. Highly recommended!

- ver******

Definitely buying more -Verified Purchase

I am impressed with the product quality and how amazing it looks in terms of design. So, far is selling like a charm and I can't wait to buy a few more.

- Res******

Website is extremely slow -Verified Purchase

Sometimes, this site is extremely slow, I get to wait or force close many times. Scrolling has shuttered, can't wait to load pages and run them smooth. Please fix this thing, as it's really frustrating.

- Way******

Fantastic experience -Verified Purchase

Fantastic experience - even better staff!

- Ria******

haven't given any reason to switch -Verified Purchase

We have been with Maple craft for over 2 years, and they haven't given us any reason to switch.

- Tur******

Company was good & easy to work with -Verified Purchase

The company was good & easy to work with! The service of this company was just marvelous, I will definitely use their products again in my store!!

- Use******

Amazing job and Professionalism -Verified Purchase

I am into the cannabis accessories business for years and have got to write these guys a review now for their amazing job and professionalism. So, here goes my first review for Maple Craft, like everyone else, I found this site to be the best place for getting all smoking accessories. I called them up and decided to buy from them, as the guy I talked to was very informative and showed me all the options and price differences. Besides the really good price they offer me, the product came out to be great!

- San******

Speedy Service -Verified Purchase

This is a wonderful establishment, I am never disappointed by the speedy service, I get here.

- Raf******

Wonderful products -Verified Purchase

Wonderful products with much attention to detail. You can see there are a lot of options!

- Crh******

Watch for hidden charges -Verified Purchase

All 3 of my orders so far have been over the minimum for free shipping. My sales receipt says I wouldn't be charged shipping and I was on my invoice I was. I had a incorrect item and the sales department wouldn't arrange for a pick up by a currier like we agreed and I had to set it up. Products are hit and miss but the staff is a bit confused

- Tre******

Love it -Verified Purchase

Bought few accessories from this website a couple of weeks ago and love it.

- Agn******

Amazing than on any other website -Verified Purchase

I do think that the products on this site are much more amazing than on any other website.

- Jul******

Not received my order -Verified Purchase

A significant time after placing my order, I still have not received my order, whilst customer service has been friendly, it has not delivered what I want the, goods I have paid for. Afraid I am now highly unlikely to shop with Maple Craft.

- Vap******

Quick work -Verified Purchase

Quick estimate great work!

- Box******

Huge let down in Service -Verified Purchase

The company should adjust their system to let people know whether items are in stock or not, so they don't create false expectations that goods will arrive on time.

- Clr******

Would surely order again -Verified Purchase

Delivery was easy, the payment was easy, and they are great. I would order from them again.

- Jad******

Focused on product delivery -Verified Purchase

Awesome..... they focused on product delivery with everything that is connected to the product like strategy, branding, etc.

- Sou******

Fab content -Verified Purchase

Fab content on this site with plenty of options. Keep up the good work!!

- Pam******

Unbelievable product and service -Verified Purchase

Unbelievable product and service. Just had a fantastic experience dealing with them. They were there for me at every step. Kept me in the loop and were very quick and responsive.

- Clo******

Helpful -Verified Purchase

This is the place and the people that go over and above to help you find and get your choice of products. They were helpful and suggested to me some good products for my store. I checked out their suggestion and went through this site; I love the products - they were exactly the ones I was looking for. With no wait, I ordered and eagerly waiting now to receive my order.

- Cov******

CONSISTENTLY GOOD -Verified Purchase


- Hyr******

Great ones!!! -Verified Purchase

Great ones! The staff knows what they are doing and go the extra mile in a friendly relaxed way. Not only this, they are service experts and fast-paced, the prices are fair too and every time they take the time to explain everything over the call and give timely information about my order

- Usr******

Disappointed -Verified Purchase

I purchased a few boxes of lighters in hope that I would never have to replace them in the future. The day my order arrived, one of the boxes was missing. I contacted the person I was talking to and asked for my missing box. And they said they will send the claim or replacement in my next order. The order I received was quite good but really disappointed with this thing. You guys must be careful while sending the order!

- Tof******

Meet customer request -Verified Purchase

I am impressed by the quality service, the seller extends to meet his customer requests and make each transaction a breeze for hesitant buyers. The product was shipped and arrived on time and did not disappoint in terms of quality.

- Ant******

stranglehold on the market -Verified Purchase

Honestly, this company just doesn't have competition at its level and they have a stranglehold on the market, as they deserve.

- Rej******

Take care of everything -Verified Purchase

I honestly never write reviews but this company made me so happy that I have to. I am the kind of person that needs perfection in every aspect of life and work too. I always look for the right places and people from whom I can buy the products that perfectly fit my storage needs. When I deal with them, I found them to be insightful, responsive, upbeat, patient, and professional. And that is all I want in my dealers. They never disappoint in any way. Very hard now of days to find good customer service well look no further and they are the best like family and take care of everything and the service is awesome. Well done guys!!

- Vol******

Smooth process -Verified Purchase

Everything was top of the standard, nothing was too much trouble whether it is buying any product or needing any help, the process was really smooth.

- Mez******

More happier -Verified Purchase

I have never been able to get something so fast what I needed with much ease and it made me even more happier.

- Cat******

Service was incredible -Verified Purchase

The service was incredible. Really appreciated!!

- Lin******

Best collection of smoking accessories -Verified Purchase

Absolutely the best collection of smoking accessories! Always recommend this place to my friends..

- Pid******

Great Job -Verified Purchase

They did a great job and I am very happy with the service. They were able to provide me with the products I want at very short notice, when others couldn't. Thank you!

- Mok******

Delay in Delivery -Verified Purchase

Great service! The only downside is the delay in delivery. I already placed an order 2-3 times here and everything is okay except the delivery. My order use to delay everything. This needs to be improved.

- Wat******

Looking forward to deal again -Verified Purchase

Appreciate your business, looking forward to deal with you again the next time.

- Vap******

high quality service -Verified Purchase

As a locally owned business, we thrive to provide the highest quality service and care deeply about building a good business. So, Maple Craft is a one-stop solution for all our accessories needs. All the staff I encountered were empathetic and friendly. Really Happy Thank you!

- Kin******

Quick, Easy transaction -Verified Purchase

Quick, easy transaction. I am Nick and having my store in Montreal, I ordered some stuff from here. And the purchase I made came out to be of great value and arrived within the time frame described. The products are also as described. Will return in the future based on this experience.

- cal******

New Different products -Verified Purchase

The experience with Maple Craft has been amazing. We're always looking for ways to leverage our time in finding a product that our customers would like the most. And this is the most preferred site for us where we can tend to buy many new different products every day. Already on our top list!

- Dis******

Packed with full of products -Verified Purchase

This site is packed with full of products. Customer service and onsite chat helped me to resolve the rare issues that I had. They are very quick at getting back to you.

- Pat******

Handled everything with care -Verified Purchase

I was a bit disappointed at first when I received my order because there were some broken items in my order. But they helped me out in every possible way and told me to raise a claim for the broken items. This company handled everything and handled it with care.

- Sto******

Helpful Platform -Verified Purchase

First of all, I would like to acknowledge the kind and amazing staff. This site is a very helpful platform for purchasing quality products.

- Guy******

Great Service all around! -Verified Purchase

Pleased with the service, we received. The product is of high quality and delivery was quick too. I did have a minor issue while pushing my cart at checkout, but the customer assisted me very quickly and resolved it within a few minutes. Overall, very pleased and highly recommended it!

- Cha******

Very good deal of bongs -Verified Purchase

I ordered deals of 12 bongs from this site and received them 2 weeks ago. I've only had it for this much time and these bongs are selling phenomenally. I was kinda hesitant about buying products from a new site but I can honestly say I'm so glad I went ahead and did.

- can******

It was wonderful to see how carefully -Verified Purchase

It was wonderful to see how carefully they packed my order to make sure the glass bongs did not break! Totally appreciated the extra effort! Thankyou so much!

- Bee******

Great so far -Verified Purchase

This site is by far one of the best I've dealt with in recent years for smoking accessories. Got the product, I ordered it one month ago and it's been great so far.

- Tow******

Exceeded my expectations -Verified Purchase

The staff ensured that all my questions and concerns were addressed and that I was happy with my purchase. The truth is, they exceeded my expectations of how easy and pleasant the product-buying could be.

- Kol******

Fare Prices -Verified Purchase

The staff is so amazing here, I can trust what they say, as I ordered the disposable vapes from this site. I must say, they carry a variety of options in different flavors. Also, the prices are very fare in relation to the quantity.

- Hee******

Make things Right for the customers -Verified Purchase

Felt a top-notch customer service experience. Whenever I had an issue, they are quick to respond, professional, and go above and beyond to make things right. Some companies just talk about customer service but they know how to deal with professionalism. Extremely happy with the service and products.

- Chi******

Prove to be the Best -Verified Purchase

Will give them five stars. I owe many stores in Ontario and are dealing with Maple craft for a long time and they prove to be the best, not just by saying but through their quality products, service, and everything. There is a great team behind this company for support and guidance. Very friendly, non judgmental staff and service with a smile. The product quality is consistently high with the high delivery speed. Good Going!

- Cre******

Best Distributors -Verified Purchase

Thank you, I was very worried about the products. I opened up my store in January this year; it was my first business. And gone through many websites and explore many places to find the right products for my store. At that time I found Maple Craft and believe me they are the best among the other distributors, I dealt with. These site products are the most selling ones in my store from the day of opening till now. The whole team was supportive and reassuring.

- Cav******

Organised and Professional -Verified Purchase

Keep everything organized and work at the top of your game, excellent quality would purchase again.

- Dav******

Easy to work with -Verified Purchase

They were very great and excellent all the way through we had an order picked out and they were so easy to work with. Highly communicative and respond efficiently.

- Mam******

Convenient -Verified Purchase

This target is very good and convenient. They definitely have more than any other distributor.

- Fin******

Customer-focused -Verified Purchase

I just purchased a set of a few bongs from this site. It was the best buying experience I have had. The whole process was customer-focused, engaged, and transparent. Just one problem in the set 1 bong is not the same I ordered but that's okay I like this one too.

- Goo******

Best one -Verified Purchase

I've been a customer with them ever since I opened my store and they have the absolute best products... best prices.... and the best customer service.

- Tra******

It was wonderful experience -Verified Purchase

3 years ago, I still, remember I planned to open my cannabis store in Winnipeg and it was my first business. I was worried about how to manage everything, where to find the right products within the fine rates etc etc. But while searching, I found this site and almost every product was there which I want for my store. I called them and the staff provides all the details of every product and assured me of good prices with some discounts and offers in order to make an informed decision. Choosing them at that time came out to be the right and best decision for me. It's been 3 years now, and still, I only trust them. Thank you so much!

- Abb******

Ton of accessories -Verified Purchase

We as a retailer are fortunate to get a chance to buy products from this site. Supreme quality, and service. What's best is the wider number of options to choose from. It has a ton of accessories including lighters, grinders, disposable vapes, and many more. AWESOME!!

- Ban******

BEST EVER -Verified Purchase

Really listens and provides a high level of service with great attention to detail.

- Lea******

Best -Verified Purchase

Maple Craft is perfect for anyone looking to buy the best smoking accessories.

- Rig******

Extremely Satisfied -Verified Purchase

Needless to say, we are extremely satisfied with the products. We are running 2-3 cannabis stores in Ontario at different locations and planned to stock up on some new stuff. So, we ordered a few bongs and other accessories from this site. The prices and quality were good, and the service was excellent. The staff did a great job in assisting and ended up fulfilling. And as expected at present, the products bought from this site are the most selling ones in our stores.

- Dol******

Appreciated -Verified Purchase

The personnel I spoke to on the phone was very courteous and professional. They are super quick to help you and it is much appreciated.

- 40 ******

Enough options -Verified Purchase

Enough things to see on a single site. All the products are amazing. I've been ordering from this site for over a year. Only one issue I got my 2-3 orders delivered late, this needs to be improved. Otherwise, I love to be here and continue to order the products.

- Blo******

Top-notch service -Verified Purchase

Absolutely top-notch service. The staff is informative and on the ball; service excellence and highly detail-focused.

- Var******

Fabulous -Verified Purchase

Stop wasting time shopping around for the right smoking accessories! This site is fabulous!! Maple Craft had better prices and variety than any other distributors in town. I had a very good experience dealing with them and can say I'm happy.

- Raw******

Responsive -Verified Purchase

All products on this site are absolutely amazing. The staff is highly communicative and responds efficiently.

- Esc******

Great work exactly as expected -Verified Purchase

I am the owner of Atva Cannabis and for the last 5 years, I have dealt with my distributors. But a few months ago, I started dealing with Maple Craft Inc. I am impressed by the quality service the seller extends to meet its customer requests and make each transaction a breeze for hesitant buyers. The products I ordered were shipped and arrived on time and did not disappoint in terms of quality. Got the right distributors for my business. Thank you!

- Atv******

Good deals -Verified Purchase

My whole experience was amazing. I bought the set of rolling papers and a few grinders last month. And they offer me good deals and discounts on the products since it was my first time with Maple Craft. I would definitely order again.

- Fer******

Excellent service and very fast dispatched -Verified Purchase

Good Customer service. The maple craft team had always taken care of their customer. Be it buying an item or sending me packages with dedication and care. I received my package on time and the packaging was also done perfectly without letting any of my product breaks. I would like to send a big thanks for providing me with the best service.

- Up ******

Honest and Amazing -Verified Purchase

I can't say enough about Maple Craft. They are amazing, and honest, and work with us to find the best options. It's great to deal with them as they work hard and really know what to do.

- Tim******

One stop solution for business -Verified Purchase

This site helped my business tremendously. Very friendly staff and wanted to make my experience a good one. I bought a roach clip from this site last week and when I received the order, it was found to be nice and good in terms of quality. This was not the first time, I usually order things from here and it never let me down. Better products mean better customers, so from my first order till now most of my products come from this place only and my customers are liking it too a lot. Highly Recommended

- Ken******

Quick and Easy to deal with -Verified Purchase

Stepped into this website after seeing the products and this is the best place I have been. A many options to select from with a bunch of deals and offers. Not only this, the level of service and knowledge of the staff is really impressive. They are genuine, personable, easy to talk to, attentive, and provide great quality work. I have already ordered a few things and waiting for them to receive but I must say they focused on each and everything which is connected to the product while delivering and make the process hassle-free for me. Thank you to the entire staff!

- DOL******

Professional service. -Verified Purchase

Consistently good. They knew exactly what I was looking for and from selecting the product to receiving it, was an easy experience than I anticipated. After receiving my order, one of the bong was found to be broken while delivering. But that doesn't matter because after informing them, they guided me, and immediately I raised a claim and got a replacement. Really happy with their professional dealing..

- Tin******

Best High-Quality products -Verified Purchase

Maple Craft is by far one of the best. Last month, I ordered rolling papers, lighters, and a few other things and I must say all the products came out to be of supreme quality. The support I received was thorough and timely and all my issues were addressed quickly and sorted - that too in a very less time. They always go above and beyond to fulfill every request I made in the best possible way. More orders on the way!

- Sof******

Very Good Dealing -Verified Purchase

I am purchasing products for the last two years from Maple Craft and have steadily built my business through them and their exclusive products. Everything they've promised me was true, from the very first day till now they are helping me out in every aspect. And this website has become my favorite place where I can get all products for my business at great deals and prices. Really happy with the service and products.

- Cra******

High quality with many options -Verified Purchase

I've gone through many websites searching for the products I need, but unfortunately, I couldn't find the right one. Then finally one day, I came across Maple Craft Inc while searching and after going through the stuff I found almost everything that I need for my store. Even when I called them for knowing a few things they gave me complete information. I ordered a few things and the quality of the products was really good. Now all my products came from this place. Highly Recommend!

- NAT******

A good choice for convenience store needs -Verified Purchase

I love that these guys carry all kinds of different products. They're awesome for connivence store products because I can get butane and lighters here, but also flags and knives. They carry a little bit of everything and we've never had issues with the products that we've ordered so its an easy five stars from us

- Gre******

love the Canada 420 line -Verified Purchase

recently purchased the Canada 420 bongs and grinders, and our customers seem to love them, hoping to order in more real soon as they're still selling. great prices, great selection, keep up the great work guys

- Den******

favorite bongs and pipes distributor! -Verified Purchase

maple craft always has new bongs and new pipes coming in so we have a lot to choose from, our typical go to is the spider glass bongs because customers really seem to love them we've been regular buyers from maple craft for about 3ish years now, we've only had minor issues that were corrected after we contacted them so everything continued to run smoothly pretty much keep up the great work, team! will be ordering again soon

- Low******

great management team -Verified Purchase

I had some questions that I wanted to talk about with the manager as I'm reluctant ordering online from other provinces, however, these guys made it super swift and easy They told me about the order requirements, free shipping, and price matching. a lot of stuff that I didn't really look into on my own but believe me, I took full advantage of those things LOL Make sure you guys ask them about the deals going on because there's a lot these guys have that are huge discounts to your order

- Mem******

Very Satisfied with Products -Verified Purchase

I have had nothing but a wonderful experience working with Maple Craft! We got a discount on our first order and it was super awesome and we felt really welcomed and comfortable. We order a bunch of bongs and dugouts just to test the waters and see how things would go and we're really happy with how everything went Fast customer service and great response time, highly recommend

- Cir******

Wide Selection of Products and Helpful Staff -Verified Purchase

Love how the staff are always willing to help us out when it comes to choosing the most popular selection. This is helpful for us as we are pretty new in the business so its always nice to have someone who can help us out. They always have some new stuff and we get the emails which let us know right away. Our sales rep is a true gem and we can't wait to place more orders in the future!

- smo******

new to your shop -Verified Purchase

awesome products at great prices ..speaking as a newly opened shop these prices are great for maximum profits and super fast delivery i'll be ordering again real soon

- DAD******

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