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Whether you are a novice or pro hunter, our three piece throwing knife set will help you hone your throw to perfection. The red shadow triple throw knives from the largest throw knives distributors in Canada features a durable and sharp steel blade perfect for penetrating and imbedding into any target.
Maple Craft Inc. each throwing knife is well balanced, and coming in at just over an ounce, our throw knife will slice through the air swiftly and easily. Whenever you are in a difficult situation or hunting, our black straight-throwing knife from the wholesale market in Canada has got you covered. If you're looking for reliable throwing knives that will fly straight and true, then our throw knives from the biggest distributors in Canada are available to you at reasonable rates.
The material and workmanship involved in creating your knife will be done with the utmost care and will be free of defects. All knives feature cord-wrapped handles for a superior grip. The end of the knife handle has a laser cut-out, which allows for a ribbon to be tied on end. Our black straight throwing knife comes with sharp blades to never let you down from hunting.
Our stylized snake black throwing knife from the Canada wholesale knives market is not only fun to sail through the air, but they are also practical. Protected by black coating, these knives are extremely scratch resistant. Their aerodynamics, balance, and proportions make them great throwing knives. For the same reasons, our silver straight throwing knife also makes great backup field knives.
Professionally heat treated and made from a single piece of carbon steel, and made to Jack's exact specifications; our throwing knives are from the distributors in Canada are perfect for competitive and professional knife throwers who are looking for a big, wide throwing knife.

Wholesale throw knife

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Throwing Knife Set 5 Inches
throwing knife set 5 inches
SKU: 203120

Throwing Knife Set of 3Pc 7 Inches
throwing knife set of 3pc 7 inches
SKU: 203123

Little Arrows Throwing Knife 5 Inches Set of 3 Pcs
little arrows throwing knife 5 inches set of 3 pcs
SKU: 203072

Blue  Shadow Triple Throw Knife
blue shadow triple throw knife
SKU: 211415-BL

Silver Shadow Triple Throw Knife
silver shadow triple throw knife
SKU: 210954-3

Black Streak Triple Throwing Knife 8 Inches
black streak triple throwing knife 8 inches
SKU: 210953-3

Snake Eye Black Throwing Knife 9 Inches
snake eye black throwing knife 9 inches
SKU: SE-1138-3BSP

Black Straight Throwing Knife 8 Inches
black straight throwing knife 8 inches
SKU: 203102-BK

Silver Straight Throwing Knife 8 Inches
silver straight throwing knife 8 inches
SKU: 203102-SL

Red Shadow Triple Throw Knife
red shadow triple throw knife
SKU: 211415-RD

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