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There is nothing worse than breaking your favorite piece or burning your table with hot tools. The Maple Craft Inc. silicon dabbing mat solves all of these problems. The impact-resistant material of our mini black silicon mat from the leading distributors of Canada avoids hard landings with your pieces. Our Silicon Rick & Morty dabbing mats are perfect for storing your hot tools and other parts that you don't want to burn your table or roll off on onto the floor. The use of our beautifully printed silicon dabbing mats avoids possible accidental breakage and protects the surface of your table.
Maple Craft Inc. silicon venom black bong mat is a great center piece for any table and is much more durable than printed designs. Our extra-large black silicon mat of dimensions 12*16 inches is dish washer safe and heat resistant, so there is no worry about damage from hot tools.
Being the distributor of smoking accessories in Canada, you will fall in love with our colorful silicon captain marvel bong's mat's intricate design. We assure you that you'll love using Maple Craft Inc. silicon mat and showing it off to your friends. Our extra-large green silicon mat from the biggest distributors of Canada is made from a shock-absorbing silicon rubber material that will keep your precious smoking accessories safe and within reach.
Our large green silicon mat is perfect for you as it will help create a safe area for your glass pieces and prevent damage from hard surfaces and accidental drops. So, what are you waiting for? Call our wholesale dealers in Canada to get your dabbing mat today.
We bring you the best eye-popping, colorful silicone mats in various designs from the best distributors in Canada in high demand in the wholesale market of smoking. Grab yours from the biggest distributors of smoke accessories in Canada.

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Silicone Captain Marvel Bong Mat
silicone captain marvel bong mat
SKU: S616-CM

Extra-Large Green Silicone Mat 12x16 inches
extra-large green silicone mat 12x16 inches
SKU: S278-GR

Extra-Large Black Silicone Mat 12x16 inches
extra-large black silicone mat 12x16 inches
SKU: S278-BL

Extra-Large Yellow Silicone Mat 12x16 inches
extra-large yellow silicone mat 12x16 inches
SKU: S278-YL

Large Yellow Silicone Mat 11x16 inches
large yellow silicone mat 11x16 inches
SKU: S098-YL

Large Green Silicone Mat 11x16 inches
large green silicone mat 11x16 inches
SKU: S098-GR

Large Black Silicone Mat 11x16 inches
large black silicone mat 11x16 inches
SKU: S098-BL

Small Black Silicone Mat 12x8 inches
small black silicone mat 12x8 inches
SKU: S277-BL

Small Green Silicone Mat 12x8 inches
small green silicone mat 12x8 inches
SKU: S277-GR

Small Yellow Silicone Mat 12x8 inches
small yellow silicone mat 12x8 inches
SKU: S277-YL

Medium Yellow Silicone Mat 15x8 inches
medium yellow silicone mat 15x8 inches
SKU: S097-YL

Medium Black Silicone Mat 15x8 inches
medium black silicone mat 15x8 inches
SKU: S097-BL

Medium Green Silicone Mat 15x8 inches
medium green silicone mat 15x8 inches
SKU: S097-GR

Mini Green Silicone Mat 3X5 inches
mini green silicone mat 3x5 inches
SKU: S612-GR

Mini Black Silicone Mat 3X5 inches
mini black silicone mat 3x5 inches
SKU: S612-BL