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Maple Craft Inc. is one of the best wholesalers in silicone dab rigs supplies. The silicone dab rigs available in our stock contain the most fresh, latest, affordable, high-quality dab rigs products. Silicone’s non-stick property has made it more popular among smokers. These dab rigs are easy to clean. Because of our high-quality products, large variety, and excellent customer support we have emerged as a leading Canadian wholesaler of silicone dabbing rigs for weed. We have Cannatonik silicone bubblers with titanium nail and stick are available in green, red, and blue.

Are you in search of the largest variety of wholesale smoking accessories on the Canadian market along with a trustworthy silicone dab rig supplier? We at Maple Craft Inc. offer a large inventory of smoking products and accessories to our customers at competitive prices. We also offer exclusive limited-edition deals at regular intervals on selected products. If you own a gas station, smoke shop, online smoking accessories retailer looking to purchase products like hookah accessories, bongs, anything and everything in between, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Buy wholesale smoking accessories in bulk and buy smoking products bongs from Maple Craft, your smoking goods wholesale distributor in Canada. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us through email, over live chat, or on the phone. We are here to serve you as your smoking products supplier in Canada. We got you covered from wholesale oil rigs to grinders and wholesale pipes and all other smoking accessories. We are your wholesale smoking accessories distributor in Canada and your wholesale smoking products supplier in Canada.

Wholesale silicone dab rigs

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Assorted Graphical Silicone dab rig with Titanium Nail 6 Inches
assorted graphical silicone dab rig with titanium nail 6 inches
Made in Canada

Assorted Silicone Hexagon Bong with Quartz Banger
assorted silicone hexagon bong with quartz banger
Made in Canada

Silicone Dab gun with Titanium Dabber 8 inches
silicone dab gun with titanium dabber 8 inches
Made in Canada