Maple Craft Inc. are leading smoking accessories distributors, distributing various types of scales across Canada. Maple Craft Inc. is the Canada wide distributor of Cannatonik scales and also stocks scales like Infyniti and Canadian Weight. These are mainly digital scales measuring up to double digits. 

Scales form one of the most integral tool for You, to measure the right quantity of legal product that you would like to smoke. You would want an accurate scale that measures the right quantity of legal product you would be using to give you the most value. To measure accurately you would need a digital scale that can measure to at least 1/10th of a gram (0.1g) or the most ideal being 1/100th of a gram (0.01). You should ensure that the scale you use is made of high quality components for them to last longer and give you accurate results. You should ensure that you get a Scale which is factory Calibrated and does not require it to be calibrated.

Pocket Scales are the most popular used scales amongst the smoker fraternity. Pocket scales are battery operated digital scales offering accuracy, portability and convenience.

Maple Craft Inc. as leading wholesalers, stocks digital scales of high quality and made of trusted components. Scales carried by Maple Craft Inc. are calibrated and are made of fined tuned technical components. Maple Craft Inc. is a Canada wide distributor of Cannatonik scales, popular amongst the smokers today. Maple Craft Inc. also carries various other Brands of Digital Scales like Infiniti and Canadian Weight.

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