Rolling accessories have many components that make them up for your herb. They can almost be seen as a necessity for every smoker out there! Rolling accessories are an important part of any smoke kit or collection that a smoker is to have, and Maple Craft Inc. has all the products you will need for your customers.

Maple Craft is a leading wholesaler for a huge variety of Branded Rolling Papers like Juicy Jays, Zig Zag, Raw, Elements, Cheech & Chong, Skunk, Pure Hemp, OCB, Dragonfly, etc.

We also carry and hemp wraps from Juicy jay, Cyclone, King Pin, etc.. These are growing in popularity amongst smokers because they give your customers flavour.

Maple Craft Inc. also carries rolls from Juicy Jay in flavours Blackberry, Peaches N Cream, Cotton Candy, Strawberry and Blueberry. These rolls make it easier for you to roll any size cigarette depending on your smoking preference.

For rolling accessories, it is of utmost importance that you have the perfect rolling tray! Maple Craft Inc. carries rolling trays of materials like bamboo, plastic, and silicone. Our trays have all sorts of different designs on them from Dabtendo, Rick N Morty, Tokémon, Rasta, emojis, Backwoods, Brass Knuckles, Higher Society, Medman, Afghan Hemp, and RAW.

We also have our rolling machines which are used to simply the process of perfectly rolling your smoke. We as distributors distribute rolling machines of varied sizes mainly 70mm, 78mm and 100mm.

Maple Craft Inc., wholesalers of smoking accessories distribute Rolling Tips of quite a few Brands to best suite your preference. Maple Craft Inc. as leading distributors of smoking accessories stocks Rolling Tips of Premium Brands like Raw, Elements, OCB, Khalifa, DLX, etc.

Maple Craft Inc. is also a distributor for cones which make it easy to fill a cigarette for smoking. We carry RAW cones and Afghan Hemp cones, the latter being the newest addition to our collection!



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