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The growth in the Industry is leading to more curiosity as to the different ways in which one can consume the legal herbs and concentrates for various health benefits. Maple Craft Inc., being one of the leading distributors of Rigs would like to educate our valued customers in regards to Rigs for them to make a more informed decision.

Dabbing is one of the ways to consume legal herbs, concentrates and oils directly. The process involves one to heat the nail attached to the water pipe causing the concentrate to burn into vapor using convective heating. It’s a method of cooking concentrates on a protective surface instead of burning directly by a flame. The method of dabbing is processed via using Dab rigs and Water pipes or Bongs are used for direct burning of dry legal herbs by a flame.

 A Dab rig is mainly a smoking pipe or a water pipe that is used for smoking legal concentrates or oil. It is made out of various materials mainly glass and silicone, which is nothing but a traditional water pipe or a bong attached with a nail or skillet. The nails are made of titanium, glass, ceramic or quartz, which is then heated to vaporize the legal concentrate. The nail is heated using a butane torch to an exceedingly high temperature of 600 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit or 316 to 371 Celsius. The legal concentrate is dabbed using a dabbing tool.  The user inhales the vapor produced through the mouth piece of the dab rig. Maple Craft Inc., imports and supplies Dab Rigs of various kinds, shapes and sizes across Canada.

 A standard Dab rig requires 3 pieces viz. a nail, a glass piece and a torch lighter. The most important part of a dab rig is the nail or heating element. As mentioned above nails are made of various materials like titanium, ceramic, glass or quartz. The type of material shall have very little effect on the flavor of your legal concentrate, however, would affect the temperature the nail reaches and the time it takes to heat up. First time users should prefer Dome nails to begin with as they are easier to maintain and can be cleaned easily than the Domeless nails. On the flip side dome nails have a little less airflow in comparison to the domeless nails. Also, dome nails are smaller compared to domeless nails and require less heating time. Maple Craft Inc., recommends you to use a Torch lighter which uses Butane as the liquid fluid. Using the Dab rigs you shall have resin like oil that forms which is popularly known as reburn or reclaim. The same can be used to season new nails or have it spread on paper and smoke the same. The Final choice in regards to the Dab Rigs is Yours.

 Maple Craft Inc., is a leading Importer and distributor of Dab rigs and its accessories across Canada.