Maple Craft Inc. as distributors of smoking accessories carry a wide range of Detox Products for your Fix!

Rescue 5 Day Formula is one of the most advance and renowned detox consumed by smokers today. The capsules are formulated for the body to fight the toxins from settling in being more harmful over a period of time.

The Rescue 5 Day Formula flushes your body of all the wasted toxins present in your body unless you further inject more toxins during or after the Detox process.

Rescue 5 Day Formula contains four types of detox capsules that are to be taken at different times during the detox period to flush out unwanted toxins from your body.

Rescue 5 Day Formula Kit Includes:

Head Start Formula – 4 Capsules

Morning Formula – 30 Capsules

Evening Formula – 30 Capsules

Rescue Ice Caps – 8 Capsules

Rescue 5 Day Formula is ideal for people who weigh less than 200lbs or who have high toxin levels. Rescue 5 Day Formula is Health Canada certified and is safe for your consumption.


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