Welcome to Maple Craft Inc., your go-to wholesale store for all your smoking accessories needs. We're excited to introduce you to our latest addition - Randy's Rolling Papers. They have been providing smokers with high-quality, reliable rolling papers. Made with only the finest materials, these are perfect for any smoking enthusiast.
We offer a wide selection to choose from, including classic and wired varieties. Our classic ones are made from high-quality, natural ingredients and come in a variety of sizes to fit your smoking needs. The wired rolling papers, on the other hand, feature a metal wire that runs through the length of the paper, providing a convenient way to smoke without the need for a filter.
These Papers are perfect for anyone who wants a smooth, clean smoking experience. They burn evenly and leave no unwanted taste or odor, ensuring that you can enjoy your smoke to the fullest. Here, we pride ourselves on offering the best products at wholesale prices and making them a cost-effective option for your smoking needs.
So why wait? Browse our selection of Randy's Rolling Papers today and experience the difference for yourself. You can trust that you're getting the best products at the best prices. Contact us today to place your order or if you have any questions.

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Randy's Classic Wired Rolling Paper Ct 25
randy's classic wired rolling paper ct 25
Made in Canada