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Are you the one who is passionate about nicotine salt? As there are ample products that keep on growing, so change is required naturally. Maple Craft Inc. has brought phenomenal aspects to the individual need. As the Canadian Wholesale distributor, we also take care to have complete quantity with quality as we are also the Manufacturer.
Our distributorship of one of the demanding products of the Quest Salt Nic Series shown that this product is a perfect mixture of nicotine, salt, and essence. We use various trending ways to produce great quality flavors to the Quest Salt.
As a Quest Salt Nic Series manufacturer, the flavors that we supply include Everest, Epiphany, Discovery, and so on. As a result, we have attained Canadian wholesaler and even brought many changes to our products for our customers. 
The nicotine salt is found naturally in tobacco leaves. Maple Craft Inc. is a Canadian Wholesale distributor for Quest Salt Nic Series and has made all attempts so that the blend is available in the quantities of 3 mg, 6 mg, 25 mg, and 50 mg. Each package comprises the same volumes of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin and thus is specified as 50 pg / 50 VG.
As the high in demand, we are a Wholesale distributor of Quest Salt Nic Series in Canada. The different sweet flavors take the experience of the users to another level, matching perfectly with the taste of tobacco. This product is categorized under e-liquids, which are the flavored vape juices for e-cigarettes. One can have the perfect time and enjoyment with these vape juices.
Our Quest Salt Nic Series has a rich flavor and variety so that our users can have the ample perfect variety to use as per their convenience and can have a blast time. It is easy to use and comes in variants of different quantities and flavors.

Wholesale quest salt nic series

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