Nectar Collector

We at Maple Craft Inc., stock Nectar collectors of various types. They are one of the best selling products among our customers as they function similar to the oil rigs and is a more innovative form of smoking legal concentrates.

A new recent innovative way to smoke concentrates, in comparison to dab or oil rigs are Nectar Collectors. Nectar Collectors vaporize the concentrate but are not vaporizers, they are portable and are distinct from water pipes or bubblers. Nectar collectors are smaller and designed to be held and moved around. Nectar collectors can be dragged over concentrates to be inhaled. Nectar collectors are glass accessories that are used to vaporize and use cannabis concentrates. A nectar collector has embedded percolator that acts as a filtration system when water is added. The mouthpiece and a titanium or glass tip that functions as the nail for the concentrate.

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Nectar Collector Kit With Glass And Titanium Nail + Nectar Pipe
nectar collector kit with glass and titanium nail + nectar pipe
SKU: A325

Short Description: this mini nectar collector includes a diffused water chamber body, removable 10mm mouth piece, glass dish, 10mm titanium tip, and 10mm quartz adapter. comes in a beautiful carry on box.

nectar collector joint 14mm
SKU: S-232B

Short Description:

put wax on a dish, then torch the dip, burn the wax with the tip, smoke being filtered in the middle glass piece, very convenient and cool

a complete set of nectar collector
SKU: A523

Short Description: nectar collector complete set