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Are you fed up of those traditional cardboard takeaway cups? Yes!!!
Why don’t you buy a flamingo bamboo mug from us, as Maple Craft is the largest distributor of bamboo mugs in Canada.
Takeaway cups are wasteful and wind up thrown in the bin day after day. But let’s face it, you need your morning coffee! We all can relate to that. If you are in need of a reusable coffee cup for the road that you can reuse over and over a travel mug then our beautiful unicorns bamboo mug from the wholesale market of Canada is a wonderful alternative to traditional takeaway cups.
Maple Craft Inc. stylish pink and gold feathers Bamboo Fibre Coffee Mug is made of real durable bamboo. It comes with a spill-proof bamboo fibre lid and a heat resistant silicone grip. The drip stopper on the lid of the heart's bamboo mug is designed to stop spills when walking while holding your drink. Our flamingo bamboo mugs look trendy and stylish and are suitable for carrying hot and cold liquids in hand, to use at home/ office or to fit in car cup-holders. We, being the leading bamboo mug distributors in Canada assure you that you will get the finest quality bamboo products.
Our leaves and flowers travel mug will add a splash of colour to your picnic table or just look cool to carry while on the go! A panda print bamboo travel mug from the wholesale suppliers in Canada can really help us to stop constantly using and then discarding disposable coffee cups. Ditching hazards of plastic or Styrofoam, our bamboo coffee cup comes with a spill proof lid and heat-resistant sleeve for a good grip.
Why not be stylish, sustainable, and money-savvy at the same time? For tea and coffee lovers who need to take along their favorite beverage on the move, the sustainable and travel pink and gold feather bamboo Mug from us, the largest distributors in Canada is the perfect buy.

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Flamingo and Pineapples Bamboo Mug
flamingo and pineapples bamboo mug
Made in Canada
SKU: MUG-06A06

Hearts Bamboo Mug
hearts bamboo mug
Made in Canada
SKU: MUG-07A04

Pink and Gold Feathers Bamboo Mug
pink and gold feathers bamboo mug
Made in Canada
SKU: MUG-08A04

Cone & Donut Bamboo Mug
cone & donut bamboo mug
Made in Canada
SKU: MUG-13A04

Cats Bamboo Mug
cats bamboo mug
Made in Canada
SKU: MUG-08A03

Turquoise Deer Heads Bamboo Mug
turquoise deer heads bamboo mug
Made in Canada
SKU: MUG-08A02