As a wholesale distributor of Medtainer storage grinders in Canada, we are always getting requests for these highly coveted items. Medtainers have a two-in-one design which makes them perfect for grinding and storing herbs, spices, and other dry goods. They are also airtight and smell-proof, which makes them ideal for use in the kitchen or on the go. Our customers love that they can buy these high-quality grinders at an affordable price from our online store.

We have different collections like Rick N Morty, Under Siege, Comic, the Premium, Solids, Marble, Smokeymon, and Lego. These collections are a must-have for your shop. You can get them individually or as a display. Medtainer is a highly reputable brand that your customers will love! You need to get these storage grinders for your shop before they sell out. Your customer can have everything they need in one unit which makes them hot sellers.

The Medtainer Storage grinders are one of the most popular products on the market today. We are a wholesale distributor of medtainer herb containers and have a wide variety of products that they sell, including storage containers, grinders, and more. They also have a wide range of customers, including people who are looking for a way to store their herbs, people who want to grind their herbs, and more.

Buy wholesale grinders in bulk from Maple Craft Inc., your grinder supplier in Canada. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us through email, over live chat, or on the phone. We are here to serve you as your smoking products supplier in Canada. We got you covered from wholesale oil rigs to grinders and wholesale pipes and all other smoking accessories.


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Merctainer Medtainer Smell Proof Storage And Grinder
merctainer medtainer smell proof storage and grinder
Made in Canada

Superweed Medtainer Smell Proof Storage And Grinder
superweed medtainer smell proof storage and grinder
Made in Canada