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Maple Craft Inc. carries three main sizes in hookahs, large being one of our top sellers. Hookah bars are becoming increasingly popular, especially amongst college students. Hookahs can be decorative artistic pieces and come in all sorts of vibrant colours. Maple Craft Inc.’s most popular hookahs tend to be the colours blue and green because of their universal flattering glow.

A hookah is typically composed of three parts which include the tobacco bowl, ash plate, and a mouthpiece on the hose.

Larger hookahs can be extravagant which is why the make such lovely decorative pieces. Large hookahs also happen to be perfect for group settings like parties or small get-togethers as they set the vibe and are the center of everyone’s attention.

At Maple Craft Inc., we pride ourselves with our excellent customer service and willingness to listen to and address our customers concerns. We are available through our online live chat on our website, as well as over email, or over the phone. We are willing to discuss and negotiate with you to make sure that you are satisfied by our services as your Canadian distributor.

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