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Maple Craft Inc., being a wholesaler and distributor of smoking accessories, carries a huge variety of Hookahs and its Flavors, Shisha for your personal needs. Hookah are either single or multi stemmed devices used for vaporizing and smoking flavored Tobacco. Hookah is also know as narghile, argileh, shisha, hubble-bubble and goza. While in use the smoke passes through a water basin which often is glass based before the same is inhaled.

Hookah is made of various components that need to be assembled before putting it to use. Mainly consists of the hose, the water base or vase that is used to pass through the smoke and the stem which keeps all the three components connected. Also, used is the windscreen that covers the bowl area. This mainly keeps the wind away and ensuring the burning process is under control. The hookah depending on its type comes with metal plate or ashtray or grommets.

Preparing and Smoking Your Hookah:

·         Ensuring the hookah is all clean and tidy

·         Fill the vase or glass bowl half full with cold water

·         Screw on the stem and attach the hose

·         Using the tong fill the bowl with the hookah flavor

·         Wrap the top of the flavor bowl with 9 layers of foil

·         Use a thin stick to poke holes on the foil, allowing a good airflow

·         Have the bowl placed on the stem and ignite the coal

·         Start to take long drags, using the hose. This would make the water in the vase boil using the heat from the coal

·         Keep moving the coals after a couple of minutes of smoking

·         Couple of minutes and you shall taste the flavor from the smoke that you smoking