Smoking Handcuffs accessory is one the best selling for the satisfaction and enjoyment—the stylish Handcuffs are of high quality and durability that make you buy them today. We are the wholesale dealers in Canada in smoking accessories and our Handcuff is designed perfectly to let you smoke and enjoy the puff of vapor to chill. The design makes them easy to utilize and clean to use for daily use. The handcuff smoking accessory has a perfect size to be placed anywhere you want it. Our product is a way for the customers to acquire a variety of high-quality designs and make them buy different colored Handcuffs.
As we are wholesale distributors in Canada, our Handcuffs compliment your aesthetics and come in all shapes and sizes—from contemporary designs by modern artists and local crafters to make it to your collection. So whether you're purchasing for their intentional use, curating your own personal display, or have some basic stands in demand of a serious facelift, the trendy Handcuff is best-looking both smokers and non-smokers alike can mutually enjoy. Our handley Kwik Force Silver  Handcuffs come with 2 Keys and are available in various colors such as Silver, Pink, Black etc.
We are the Wholesale Supplier in Canada and nevertheless, if you live in a smoke-friendly home, Handcuffs can be inconspicuously dapper decor articles that add a tinge of personality to your modest place. Our affordable Handcuffs are overtly devised for conventional smoking pursuits. Get them today to relax during the weekend and de-stress yourself.

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Kwik Force Silver  Handcuffs
kwik force silver handcuffs
SKU: 220041-SL

Kwik Force Pink  Handcuffs
kwik force pink handcuffs
SKU: 220041-PK

Kwik Force Black Handcuffs
kwik force black handcuffs
SKU: 220041-BK