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Disposable vapes have become a considerably widespread style of e-cigarette in the last year or so. We are the wholesale supplier of disposable vapes in Canada. With the latest technology used for new smoking accessories, only recently the Disposable vape's performance has been pushed to another level. New brands have recently come to the market where these vapes have juice capacity and battery. You can efficiently use the different flavors for a long time. The product has the perfect rechargeability to enjoy the e-juice without stress with the trendy designs.
As a wholesale distributor, our trendy vapes equip over 15 liquid flavors to select from, carrying full-bodied flavor and aroma. The liquid pre-loaded in it slightly varies from those in other disposables—its nicotine concentration is usually higher. The distinctive concentration ranges from 2% to 6% for your reference. Higher concentration would appeal to smokers seeking more fierce nicotine satisfaction. Maple Craft Inc. carries many flavors in its catalog like Strawberry, Peach, Citrus,n it Grape, Cool Mint, and more.
Out of such many flavors and brands as Vapmod, Pop Hit, Aceking, Mesh Coil, Mr. Nic, and more. We have found users mentioned that the quality batteries make them enjoy it longer. Moreover, the innovative exterior design upgrades ergonomic comfort for a user.., besides we are wholesale dealers in Canada in smoking accessories Our Disposable vapes can now offer a vape experience comparable to that of other vape spin-offs. These are in much demand as they can be used conveniently. Users can get into vaping without bothering about coil substitutes, nicotine levels, batteries, and PG/VG percentages. Buy simple to employ, pocket-friendly, and provide a fantastic vape experience.
Explore our selection of bulk disposable Vapes and Vape Pens with best-selling vape brands. Maple Craft Inc. is a leading disposable vape distributor that offers the best pricing and fast shipping with an incredible customer support team. We carry a wide range of disposable vape products which are of good quality.

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