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Dabs are cannabis concentrates made by extracting THC and other cannabinoids from sticky oils using a solvent such as butane or carbon dioxide. These marijuana concentrates are also known as wax, shatter, budder and butane hash oil, depending on their purity (BHO).
A dab station, on the other hand, is where you conduct your actual business. Your go-to dab spot, your heaven of zen and in general, the location that provides you with the space you need to dab. Dab stations keep all your smoking and dabbing accessories in one place, without you having to interrupt your sessions.
Now, while we all have our own setups, there are a few essentials that any dab station should have. Specifically, if you are looking for the top dab stations, look for suppliers in Canada. While buying a Dab Station you need to consider protector glass, a good torch, concentrate storage, and a good mouth cap. But as when you might get confused while listing out and segregating choices, right?
Well, Maple Craft Inc., the top wholesale dab station supplier in Canada, makes it really easy for you.
Maple Craft Inc. has exclusive Online Dabbing Tools that can amp up your Dab Station that appears to be easy. Each Dabbing tool is different and special, just like the people who spot it. Beyond the functionality of Online Dabbing Tools, there's also a style to remember.
Buy premium Dab Station tools at wholesale rates in Maple Craft Inc.. Irrespective of your requirements, we have all of the high-quality items for you that are easy to clean as well. No more clumsy dab sessions - make your dab station exciting and stylish with wholesale dab station tools at Maple Craft Inc. in Canada.
Avail premium quality products at affordable rates, only at Maple Craft Inc. - the top dab station distributors in Canada. 

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Red Dabbing Stand With Timer
red dabbing stand with timer
Made in Canada

Green Dabbing Stand With Timer
green dabbing stand with timer
Made in Canada

Black Dabbing Stand With Timer
black dabbing stand with timer
Made in Canada

Blue Color Dabbing Stand With Timer
blue color dabbing stand with timer
Made in Canada

Pink Color Dabbing Stand With Timer
pink color dabbing stand with timer
Made in Canada