Airtainer Storage grinders are very popular as they have a two in one component which makes them desirable. They are a grinder but also serve as a storage compartment for your herb which is why they are growing in popularity. These are three-part grinders that come in multiple different colours so that every customer you have gets the perfect fit for them! Buy wholesale 2 in 1 grinders and make usrethat your customer can have all their smoking essentials.

Maple Craft Inc. is your Canadian distributor that can help serve all your needs. We are available for all of your questions and concerns. Please feel free email or call us with anything at all, and we at Maple Craft will be happy to help. Buy wholesale grinders in bulk and buy wholesale bongs from Maple Craft, your grinder wholesale distributor in Canada. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us through email, over live chat, or on the phone. We are here to serve you as your smoking products supplier in Canada. We got you covered from wholesale oil rigs to grinders and wholesale pipes and all other smoking accessories. We are your wholesale grinder distributor in Canada and your wholesale grinder supplier in Canada.


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